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Genres: Comedy , Family
Actors: Maxime Godart , Valérie Lemercier , Kad Merad , Sandrine Kiberlain , François-Xavier Demaison , Michel Duchaussoy , Daniel Prévost , Michel Galabru , Anémone , François Damiens , Louise Bourgoin , Vincent Claude , Charles Vaillant , Victor Carles , Benjamin Averty
Director: Laurent Tirard
Country: France, Belgium
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.0/10 (5087 votes)

Nicolas has a happy existence, parents who love him, a great group of friends with whom he has great fun, and all he wants is that nothing to changes. However, one day, he overhears a conversation that leads him to believe that his life might change forever, his mother is pregnant!. He panics and envisions the worst. Written by Anonymous In a suburb in France, Nicolas does not know what he wants to be when he grows up but he lives a happy life with his mother, his father and his schoolmates. When his friend Joachim has a baby brother but then later on vanishes from school. Nicolas partially overhears a conversation between his parents about a dinner party for his father’s boss. He mis-understands, believing that his mother is pregnant and his parents want to get rid of him.

Film Review

Little Nicholas is a hilarious movie that has a unique childish storyline that even adults can watch. I personally, was lucky enough to see this movie at a special French Film Festival screening for only the local schools. If I had the choice to NOT see this, i probably wouldn't have.. Only because I'm not into the whole foreign film thing that requires subtitles to watch the movie. Of course, on this occasion I didn't really have a choice. But, to my surprise I actually really enjoyed the film! At first, I was like: "Oh my god, I have to read for over an hour?!" But while the movie went on and on, I started forgetting that I was even reading the subtitles and I started to really watch the movie. The story definitely sucked me in and brang out the childish humor in everybody that was in that cinema. "Le petit Nicolas" was an amazing children's movie, but to be honest, I can also see it being a hit with the adults, purely for the humor aspect. It…

French people might understandably be disappointed by a theatrical adaptation of the beloved Petit Nicolas, a character so familiar from their childhoods, but as one who was never mesmerized by the original form of these character, I did not go into this with expectations.But it's a fun little ride. The costumes, the décor and the acting are all impeccable–Valérie Lemercier is especially delightful. So, too, is the writing: the story is predictable, tidy, socially non-offensive and slightly fantastical–but self-consciously so. It is a tribute to and a mild, good-natured parody of 1950's aesthetic and moral values in filmmaking, and it works very well. Most contemporary period films delight in opening up the curtains on the skeletons of what they see as "repressed" past societies and in poisoning our sentimental collective memories with gritty filth (see « 8 femmes » for an excellent French example; "Titanic" for a classic Anglo-Ameri…

It's not too difficult to see why this carried all before it at the French Box Office in 2009 and an uncredited cameo by Gerard Junot in a sly dig at/nod to his own multi-award winner Le Chorus is only frosting on a wonderful celebratory cake designed to appeal to both les enfants and les parents, a concoction in which Alain Chabat, the multi-talented and highly accomplished actor-writer-director had an authorial hand, one of five that prove that too many cooks don't always spoil the broth. The source material although beloved in France is almost totally unknown in England but the ensemble playing by the kids plus a great trio of adults – Valerie Lemercier, Kad Merad and Sandrine Kiberlain, playing her second school teacher on the bounce – render this academic. Nor need the plot – despite being secure in the love of his parents and friends Nicholas convinces himself that his parents are trying for another child that will eclipse him – detain us unduly. This is a film of obse…


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